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Disney Transport Idea

27 Apr Posted by in for_fun, FUN, Uncategorized | 1 comment
Disney Transport Idea

So anyone who knows me know I love Disney. I love Walt Disney World, the Disney Company, Disney movies, ESPN (which is owned by Disney), and so on. So how my mind works is that when I see something I think of other uses for it. Well I have no idea where I saw this originally but I found “ULTra (Urban Light Transport) {which is} an innovative form of Personal Rapid Transit (PRT).” Well I really thoughts this transportation was cool and wanted to follow it’s progress at Heathrow Airport where it was first commercially being used. Well around the same time the Disney World Bus system started having some accidents and getting a lot of not-so-good press. Well my friend and I were discussing Disney and I suggested they use this system and phase out most of the buses. My friend challenged me to do a whole study showing how it would be better, so I accepted the challenge and over the course of a night put this together. I just took the press pictures from ULTra and skinned them to the Disney look. Below you see a couple images from the idea and the full PDF of the project is below for your viewing pleasure. Again this project was just for fun and to my knowledge Disney and ULTra people have no projects together.

*All images, logos, etc are property of their original copyright holder. They were only used for personal use and for fun.

Click Here for the Full Proposal I created

  1. Jonathan Yip10-21-12

    I like this idea. It should serve every property at the Walt Disney World Resort and have platform edge doors. It will use less energy. Tell the Walt Disney World Resort manager about your idea. Thanks!

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